at the Zebras - also known as tiger horses
Hello Zebra fans!!! on the following pages you can find out a lot about us:
why we have stripes or that we belong to the species of horses and loads more!

... like Zebra - the zebra is a descendend of the equus. Some characteristics are those of primitve pony-races: the erect mane and a stocky body built. Old races like the Tarpan or the mongolian wild horse show the odd zebra stripes on their legs.

• Grevy Zebra Equus - grevji
• Plains-Zebra Equus - quagga
• Mountain-Zebra Equus - hartmani

While the grevy´s zebra is donkey-like in its sounds, the Plains-Zebra makes neither donkey nore horse like sounds, but a so-called and named-after „quagga“-sound. Zebras are being kept in zoos and wild-life parks, as they can be kept and fed like horses. They breed easily in zoos and can reach up to thrity years in captivity, much more, than in the wild.

Zebras life only on the african continent. The grevy´s zebra is found in North-Est-Africa (Ethyopia, Somalia, Sudan). Mountain-Zebras live in the mountainous areas of South-West-Africa, plains zebras are generally found south of the equator (from Kenia, South Sudan, Angola rith down to South Africa). Zebras live in herdes. Grevy´s zebras prefer small herdes, which roam in a rather big enclosed area. Mountain zebras live in bigger herdes, yet not like the plains zebras who have herdes with more than a hundred animals in them. Plains zebras live in big herdes, who come together during the rainy season with other herds to form huges masses of a couple of thousands of animals.

The biggest predetor the zebra faces is the lion. Therefore lions can always be found in the near surroundings of zebra herdes. Different Zebra species never cross in the wilderness. At the zoo could succeed. The descendants are then infertile.

In South Africa once lived zebras almost without any stripes, yet they became extinct in the 19th century.

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